In partnership with Americans for Prosperity Foundation and The LIBRE Institute, Stand Together kicked off Common Ground in Miami October 3rd – 6th with Common Ground: Immigration.

Everyone knows our immigration system isn’t working. The American public wants to fix it and Common Ground: Immigration serves as a platform for productive dialogue.

The premise is simple yet profound: If we focus on areas of common ground, rather than areas of division, we bridge divides, build respect for one another, and unite to solve the most pressing problems of our time.

So join us! Explore Common Ground and walk away with a renewed hope that progress is possible.


Immigration: there is more that unites us than divides us.

Social entrepreneurs are uniting people around immigration reform that welcomes immigrants in search of opportunity and keeps communities safe.

Jorge Lima, who leads public policy for the Stand Together community, discusses how empathy and uniting with anyone to do right are building momentum toward reform. (8:20)