Thriving Through Food

We’re thrilled to have renowned chef, successful business owner, and proud immigrant Pati Jinich join us to find common ground through food.

Below, you will find four episodes of Pati’s trips to immigrant-influenced restaurants. She explores the rich history of each of these restaurants, hears the stories of their owners and their pride in being immigrants and business owners, and, of course, gets to try great food along the way. Find out more about the restaurants Pati visited—Buena Papa, Arepa Mia, Heirloom Market BBQ, and Curry In a Hurry—and learn more about how immigration enriches all of us in ways we might not always realize.

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Buena Papa: Johanna and James Windon’s amazing Colombian fry bar

Curry in a Hurry: Alaksha Surti’s impressive Indian food truck

Arepa Mia: Liz Hernandez’s sensational Venezuelan restaurant

Heirloom Market BBQ: Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor take barbecue to the next level

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