America is built on the idea that anyone can write their own destiny – regardless of who your parents are or where you came from. Welcoming immigrants is at the heart of that American culture. Throughout our history, people seeking a better life have enriched our communities and helped make ours a more prosperous nation.

Our immigration system should harness the entrepreneurial spirit of people motivated to contribute, like those on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, starting businesses, creating jobs, and building strong communities.

To improve our immigration system, we need to come together to create more welcoming communities and to modernize U.S. immigration laws. These outdated and ineffective laws must be reformed to reflect the way we live, work, trade, and travel today, and allow more people to contribute to America’s success.

An updated immigration system should:

  • Make it easier to immigrate legally.

    Today’s immigration system is bureaucratic, time-consuming, and restrictive.

  • Maintain order and efficiency.

    America can be both strong and compassionate. We can protect our borders and welcome those seeking a better life.

  • Be flexible and adaptable to the dynamic needs of the current and future, economy.

    Our system must offer people more legal options to enter the U.S. that are not dependent on family ties or visa quotas but give greater priority to the unique talents of people who can make us a better nation.

America can be a welcoming place and a secure nation. It is not either or. Let’s unite on common ground and show lawmakers how to lead.

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